There is a shelter crisis for trafficked victims in the United States. The Home Foundation estimates that there are less than 100 beds nationally for an estimated 100,000 identified traffic victims annually. Placing trafficked victims in existing homeless or domestic violence shelters is not an ad- equate solution due to the unique needs of this population.

Traffickers often search for their escaped victims (which they view as lost income), and may track the victim to the shelter, putting the other shelter residents at risk. Also, trafficking victims (especially children) may need a higher level of security than a homeless or domestic violence shelter can provide. Finally, trafficking victims have ex- perienced a unique set of traumas which other shelters may not be equipped to address.

Called to Rescue

Dr. Cyndi Romine started Called to Rescue in 1992 after she witnessed, first-hand, the horror of sex trafficking during a trip overseas.   Their mission is to prevent the abduction of children into the sex trafficking behemoth through training, safe houses and education, as well as the rescue of those already held prisoner, by all means available.

Engedi Refuge Ministry

Engedi Refuge is a faith-based restoration program for adult women who are suffering from the effects of sexual exploitation.

Hope for Justice

Hope for Justice was formed under The Home Foundation for the purpose of training, investigation, and restoration for the victims of human trafficking here in the United States. 

Janus Youth Programs

Janus Youth Programs originated in 1972 and has grown to become one of the largest nonprofits in the Northwest operating over 20 different programs. Based on best practice models, some of their programs for the vulnerable, exploited, homeless and runaway youth are:

Operation 61

Our mission is that we REACH those who are vulnerable, RESCUE those held in bondage, and RESTORE them back to a place where they can experience freedom and dignity.

Redemption Ridge

Redemption Ridge is committed to helping young female survivors of sex trafficking redeem their dignity, hope and purpose as well as their emotional, physical and spiritual health.

Restore Hope

Restore Hope was formed by a group of loving and caring individuals who felt called to the mission of helping children affected by the trauma of sexual abuse and who have a deep passion to work towards building a Christian-based recovery center.

Saint Child

Saint Child exists to serve young women, 14-24, who are in need of support during their pregnancy. We welcome young women from all cultural, ethnic, and religious backgrounds. 

Shared Hope International

Shared Hope International (SHI) exists to prevent, rescue and restore women and children in crisis. They have gained a reputation for prompting legal and political reform against trafficking, and have expertise in restoring women and children worldwide.  They are also leaders in a worldwide effort to prevent and eradicate sex trafficking and slavery through education and public awareness.

The Genesis Project

The Genesis Project is based out of South Seattle, where we provide a drop-in center to meet the needs of prostituted women and trafficking victims. This includes food, hygiene, clothing, and a safe place to rest. We also offer a offer a daytime facility that provides ongoing counseling, job and life skills classes, transportation to medical appointments and court, and access to educational programs such as GED completion. Our hope is to open a safe house before long to give these women another option when they need help in safely and successfully leaving their situation.

UnBound Seattle

UnBound was founded with the mission of collaborating with local community and service providers to fight human trafficking. UnBound Seattle addresses human trafficking through prevention, community education, and survivor advocacy.